Mouse Jokes

Who is the most agreeable mouse?

U. Nanny Mouse

Which mouse learned to pick locks?

Mick Key Mouse

Which mouse is in charge of the mail?

The Postmouseter General

What does Sherlock Mouse do for a living?

He solves mouseteries

Who is the largest mouse in the world?

E. Norm Mouse

What does a 500-pound mouse say?

“Here kitty, kitty kitty …”

What do you call the conductor of an all-mouse orchestra?


How can you tell when a mouse is too cold?

When he becomes a micecicle

What four-letter word do mice use when they get angry?


Where do mice go to get their prescriptions filled?

A pharmousey

Where did mice hang out in the 1920’s?

In squeakeasies

What games to mice like to play at parties?

Mouseical chairs

What does a mice artist call his greatest work?

A mouseterpiece